Manzar Ali

I love travelling and have done it for the major part of my independent life. Travelling and photography are two beautiful hobbies that never exhaust a person. This world of ours is decorated with beautiful sceneries.

Love at first sight, goosebumps and happiness are the various personal experiences of a traveller.

I believe in sharing because it motivates me to travel even more.

So, I intend to share my breathtaking and beautiful experiences with all of you and also give you sound guidance on choosing as well as planning your expeditions across the globe.

Some call me globetrotter, some call me wanderlust. Others call me a synonym of idiosyncracy. Well, I call myself a storyteller. My heart has guided me to places of which I could never imagine.

I seek authentic, charming, and memorable experiences wherever I go. I travel spontaneously and deliberately. I combine business with pleasure and familiarity with curiosity. I love new discoveries and old classics. And I know that you do too. Have a look at my collections!

Somewhere in peace